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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What is ShoppyMesh (SM)?

ShoppyMesh is the best fit for business owner to advertise and promote their products online to get interest and increase a chance for selling and for customer to explore the socialized and organized platform to find their wanted products and interact with others on ShoppyMesh like real time messaging, follow or get followed, add product to watch list, like or block a product and much more fun interactions!

you can create post product by just click on Post Product in profile dropdown on top menu. On page create product you will see alot of category available for create product select 1 to be your product category. After select category you need to provide product information and media with 5 step :

  • Introduce : provide some basic information for your product like (product title, price, discount …

  • Describe : provide some media like photo and video about your product

  • Detail : provide some detail information (specification) of your product like (color, brand, specification product, package detail …)

  • How To Buy : provide location, methode payment, price and description for buyer can contact

  • Promotion & Preview : Beta launch we not yet implement promotion feature yet. but in this step your product ready to be preview by click button preview you will see your product preview and click post to see your product detail

you can update your product by click edit button in page:

  • Product Detail : in this page if you want to edit make sure you click to view your own product with login sm account. so it will show edit button in basic information

  • Create/Update Product : you can click on My Post to view your product and hover on it and you will see edit button just click to update

  • Every Page: you can click to update on every page with product view as verticle-view-style

you can report to product that you dont like or think it is fake product post. you have 2 way to report coz we have 2 view style :

  • Horizontal View Product : you can click on setting-icon and it will show report list choose one for your reason

  • Vertical View Product : you can hover on product and it show down arrow click on it to show report list choose one for your reason

User can click on sign in button which link to the sign in and register page

  • User can register new account by click on register button.

    how to register in shoppymesh
  • User need to provide some basic information (Name, Email, Username, and Password) and accept the term policy of the site then click on button Continue to finish the registration.

    how to register in shoppymesh

User can click on sign in button which link to the sign in and register page.

  • User can sign in with the existing account by provide their email and password then click on button sign in.

    how to sign-in in shoppymesh
  • User can sign in by using facebook account which require the facebook email and password. Noted: Once the user sign in via facebook, user need to change the password first in order to sign in with the first method, otherwise user still need the facebook account to sign in (look on how to change the user's password).

    how to sign-in in shoppymesh

User can change there password by following step below :

  • Click on the user name and click on setting or click setting on dropdown of view profile page

    how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh
  • Click on security tab.

    how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh
  • Hover on the password field then click on edit to change new password.

    how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh
  • Provide the current password and the new password.
    Noted: If user sign in via facebook and never change the password, the current password isn't needed to provide.

    how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh
  • Click on save change to finish.

User can change setting by click on username and select setting menu or you can go to user profile page and click menu more and select setting (Require User Sign In).

how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh

how-to-change-setting in shoppymesh

When user forgot their password they can change there password by following step below :

  • Go to the sign in page.

  • Click on forget password.

  • Fill your email address in the text box.

  • Click on process button.

  • Check your email and click on reset password link.

  • Fill in your new password and click button proceed to finish.

Currently, there is not any payment options in Shoppy Mesh. The users (buyer and seller) can contact and discuss directly with each other about the product payment.

For product delivery is based on the users (buyer and seller) make a discussion with each other.. Shoppy Mesh doesn't take responsible with this option. The buyer should ask or request the buyer for product deliver.