Welcome to ShoppyMesh, The next level of Online Shopping and Product Posting experience. By mean of using our Website, you are subjected to view our term and privacy policy as stated below. We aim to make everyone equally obey the policy to help us organize the content and help protecting your privacy information too. This term and privacy document explains how you should do things and use or collect informations

1. Content posted

  • Make sure you post the real things to sell. Product should contain the appropriate information.
  • Make sure your post do not harm others or contain harassment or inappropriate words or picture or video link.
  • You are responsible for your own post, copyright content, copyright picture, SM will block those if that was reported as copyright from other institution.
  • Inappropriate content that we see, others block or others report we will take measure to block temporarily or delete permanently.

2. Interaction with others

  • Use appropriate Khmer or English or any languages word to communicate with others in any way of medium. (The immorality word will be removed by SM).
  • Inappropriate message or excessive send of message will result in your messages marked as spam and eventually got your account report as spam and we will take measure immediately to block temporarily or permanently with all your postings and contents.
  • Comment well and unbiased on user’s post to help other buyer come across to decide to buy or contact the person.
  • Comment with appropriate words respectfully.

3. Content copyright

  • We did not own any user’s post content copyright including photos, videos, description.
  • We will prohibit in copying or using our own unique content or idea in any commercial platform without our permission first.

4. Allow access to Facebook, profile infor on SM

  • By using or login or registering with SM, you allow us to access your public or requested information on Facebook and the information you entered.
  • Your sensitive information will be stored encrypted in our database and what you set your privacy on we will obey that.
  • You agree to allow others user or us to access your public information on SM for surveying, querying appropriate data or advertisement or promotion plan.

5. Payment

  • Any payment from you to the seller, you will be done on your own without coming through ShoppyMesh since we do not have online buy and sell.
  • Any payment for promotion and advertising, account upgrade, subscription cost, SM service/product purchase will be done through SM website or SM site and notice that we did not store any of your card or payment account information on our database.

6. Media upload

  • You may upload at the minimum or maximum limit set by ShoppyMesh administrators.
  • You may increase the maximum limit by upgrading the account you are currently using.
  • Media contain inappropriate content such as sexual related, non-post related and other unacceptable will be blocked or delete permanently.
  • ShoppyMesh does not own any of the media upload or copyright content, this is on posting user behalf.

7. Data scraping

  • We may scrape your website data for automatically posting to ShoppyMesh on your permissions.
  • We have a limit of minimum and maximum data to be scraped from you.
  • Those data are your own copyright, we do not own those.

8. Block and moral flag

  • You can flag any post or content that you think is harmful to you or are inappropriate.
  • You cannot just flag post without good reason.
  • If you repetitively flag post without good reason, we will report your account as spam and will be blocked temporarily or permanently.

9. Changes to This Terms and Privacy

  • ShoppyMesh reserves the right to change or update the Terms and Privacy policy without prior notice and will enforce from the date of changes. Therefore, we ask that you check and review this terms and policy for such changes on an occasional basis. Should you not agree to any provision of this Terms and Privacy or any changes we make to this Terms and Privacy, we ask and advise that you do not use or continue to access the ShoppyMesh site immediately.

10. Contact