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The next level of Online Shopping and Product Posting experience

ShoppyMesh is the best fit for business owner to advertise and promote their products online to get interest and increase a chance for selling and for customer to explore the socialized and organized platform to find their wanted products and interact with others on ShoppyMesh like real time messaging, follow or get followed, add product to watch list, like or block a product and much more fun interactions!


Easy-to-post page, Receive real time message, Receive notification on interaction on your posts, complete achievement, earn reward (coming soon), unlock features (coming soon), Promote your product post to gain more audience (coming soon), Product post interest report (coming soon), Account upgradable to access much more greater tool for sellers

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Neat product display, power to like and comment, send real time message to others, got notification from your watched items, explore other people and follow or get followed, complete achievement, earn reward (coming soon), unlock features (coming soon)

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You can become a ShoppyMesh member for selling product or buying product just with one step only, complete a simple registration form and you are set to explore the world of ShoppyMesh! You can also take your registration to the next step by sign in with your Facebook account without to fill in other information and upload photo or cover, we do that for you all. You can also use login and register on ShoppyMesh mobile app too to keep your explore at hand and get more notification instantly and many more benefits!

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Post Product

Explore product you like is at ease with our listing design to help you glance for your needed products and one click to view the product in detail which having enough information you need to contact or to buy the product. Instead of just exploring, we provide you the search and advanced filters tool to help you narrow down your product search and quickly find what you needed! As a seller, we take out the pain of posting product by simplify into 5 simple steps with some automatic stuffs like fetching your product colors and detailed stuff to describe your product well in organized ways!

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Follow, got followed, messaging and socialized:

Interest on someone’s product posts? Want to get feeds from them? So follow them now on ShoppyMesh, you can get feeds from them, direct message and more socialized fun with others in the ShoppyMesh world!

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Complete achievement and earn reward

Like posting products, share your other products, got viewed, got liked, those are activities to earn score to complete your daily achievements and got invaluable reward to help you boost your visibility and reputation in ShoppyMesh!!!

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