ShoppyMesh helps you a lot with:

Beautify and organized shop profile page

Someone say “I want to create my shop’s website to promote my sale and getting more customer!” so what will be a solution to that? “Okay, let’s get developers build our site for a few months and import our old products”. But with ShoppyMesh Business, that would take you only one week to get our site up with hand-coded customized themes or custom theme provided by ShoppyMesh, discussion with our team, having your existing products on your shop page and self-domain ready! Organized from categories to subcategories, subcategories to product list view, beautiful landing page, organized product list, Facebook page connected and more!

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Data oriented shop dashboard

Beautiful shop page is not only the thing we concern for you, but you got a shop dashboard that provided with oriented data for you to research your shop such as post interests, place order analysis, visitor analysis and timeline view of your site and posts!

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Advanced post notification system

Don’t want to miss your posts’ query? When customers want to order or ask for information, you want to follow up with them, right? We can help you that! We will provide a real time notification to your phones when you have ShoppyMesh app installed so you can tap and view customer analysis inside the application to call or message them back! App notification is not enough? Subscribe for the SMS notification to get message instantly of what customers wanted, when was the place order made and who placed that order! Now you won’t miss any customer online any more!

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